Kamagra: new drug which help in staying hard and erected for longer period


Summary: this article tells about the drug which helps you in having hard erection for longer period of time.

What is Kamagra?

It is chewable tablet launched by Ajanta pharma and it is known for its property of raising sex desire in both men and women. The drug is available in tablets and jelly. These both forms are available all over the world by paying nominal amount of ponds eight and half.

The pills of Kamagra are loaded with sildenafil citrate which is known for its activity over the rate of flow of blood. The drug maintains high rate of blood flow which helps in increasing sensual feeling.

The pills deactivate all those hormones and enzymes which are root cause of impotency. One of such enzyme is phosphodiesterase type5 . This very enzyme restricts the erection mechanism of the male penis. This condition is called impotency and it can be to men of any age and physical build. The impotency is also easily seen in those whose whole body gets sexually arouse, but penis do not get erected for making penetration successful.

The pills of Kamagra help in retaining the lost vigor of men and women. The drug comes in two form jelly and pills. The jelly version of the product is restricted only for men where as the pills form of the product is for both the sex.

One who don’t want to intake pills should look at the second option which is jelly. It is safer then pills because one has to just apply it over the body part. The drug will soon show its effect, the erection becomes possible only after five minutes of application of the ointment.
Jelly of the product is recommended as it can be continued for longer period without facing any other medical threats.

Though, the product do not have side effects and it is clinically proved still there are patients who have some prejudice regarding long term intake of pills. For such patients the drug in jelly is boon.

Pills for ladies and men:

Traditionally the drug is available in pill form. It is chewable tablets of 5mg and complete pack contains 100mg tablets. One has to just take one tablet before getting involved in sexual activity. The pills will show its effect within fifteen minutes of intake. The product comes in blue and pink color. Blue pills are for men where as the pink “women lovegra sex pills” are for ladies.
The tablets should be taken only once round a twenty four hours, over dosage is not advised.
However, if you have consumed the pills, but do not get in sexual activities then don’t get panic. The medicine will flushed out of body through urination or sweat.

Few more health aspect of the product:

The drug has property of increasing the speed of blood flow. So, it is widely used for curing cardio problem as well MED issue.